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random_claimz's Journal

claim anything you want

claim anything! =]
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aLoha! Welcome to random_claimz.

maintainers: mhorena[_starkissed_] and amanda*[little_bella]

We're both very new to this, so patience and any help is greatly appreciated. So if anyone is interested to help assist us, it would also be greatly appreciated! tHanKs*:D

This community allows you to claim whatever your little heart desires, but only allowing you to claim two random things at the most. Everyone should be fair and courteous to others, just keep it simple. Just post whatever it is you would like to claim and we'll be sure to check and update the list below. So make sure you check the claims list so things won't be claimed twice because it's only allowed once. If you wish to have a third claim, you will need to create a banner, icon, blinkie, etc.

I would like to credit melancholybliss for the wonderful icon she has made for our community and also _icons_ =]

[updated : o2/27/o4]

3 claimed by ___yesterday
9 claimed by lilaznffairy421
13 claimed by lilaznffairy421
42 claimed by rhymeswithlungs
87 claimed by xleppardpistolx

Adam Brody claimed by __slowmotion
argyle socks claimed by red_head_edd
Alex Frost's nose claimed by duo_damsel
Angelina Jolie's lips claimed by subculturalgirl
Ashton Kutcher's Hair claimed by heytherejimmy

Bam Margera claimed by xx3leafcloverxx
Bam Margera's skateboard claimed by x0superblonde0x
Benji Madden claimed by __slowmotion
Bert McCracken's hair claimed by burningashes
Bert McCracken's heart claimed by freakonyerleash
Bert McCracken's love claimed by freakonyerleash
Bert McCracken's tummy claimed by burningashes
Billy Macgee claimed by sooverrated
Billy Martin of Good Charlotte claimed by rolem0del
Brad Pitt claimed by harmonica_20
Brandon Steineckert of The Used claimed by shopaholic14331
Brian from The Family Guy claimed by suicidesnoman
Busted claimed by xbustedfreakx

Chester Bennington of Linkin Park claimed by _tearstain
Christina Aguilera claimed by _tinkerbell_
Christina Aguilera's Hair claimed by myonlystar
Clay Aiken claimed by _pinkgl0ss
Clay Aiken's CD "Measure of a Man" claimed by _pinkgl0ss
Count the Stars claimed by little_bella
Courteney Cox claimed by harmonica_20

Dana Blackshaw's Heart [ever__so_sweet] claimed by red_head_edd
Dannii Minogue claimed by dlkereluk
Dave Attell claimed by anti_verb
Daveigh Chase claimed by catgirlsamara
Davey Havock claimed by noise_x_kisses
David Beckham claimed by rhymeswithlungs
David Desrosiers of Simple Plan claimed by rolem0del
David Draiman's piercings claimed by diiii
Derek Jeter claimed by f0reveryours
Devon Murray claimed byunforsakentears
Don Vito claimed by x0superblonde0x

eaichu250 claimed by fieryce
The flim Elephant claimed by duo_damsel
Edward Scissorhands claimed by _amour

Five Iron Frenzy claimed by f0reveryours
FireFlies by Count The Stars claimed by ever__so_sweet
Freya from Final Fantasy 9 claimed by anime_king
the cast of Friends claimed by cobbgirl

Gavin Rossdale claimed by soo_addictive
the Golden Girls claimed by little_bella

Hal Sparks claimed by blubunyhopp

Inuyasha's Ears claimed by dolphinsplash

Jason Mraz claimed by _starkissed_
Jay Gordon of Orgy claimed by xbarelyxalivex
Jeff Hackett of the Philadelphia Flyers claimed by hockey_girl
Jennifer Garner claimed by amythestrose
John Nolan of Straylight Run claimed by br0knhartdl0sr
Johnny Depp claimed by _amour
Johnny Depp's body claimed by alxinwonderland
Johnny Depp's hot ass claimed by fex
Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols claimed by xleppardpistolx
Julian McMahon's body claimed by diiii
Justin Timberlake claimed by _tinkerbell
Justin Timberlake's Body claimed by myonlystar

Kelly Clarkson claimed by cobbgirl
Kelly Osbourne claimed by dlkereluk
Kenny Vasoli of the Starting Line claimed by xx3leafcloverxx
Kevin Dorr's Bass claimed by adorrmykevin
Korean Food kimchi claimed by ___yesterday
Kos-Mos from Xenosaga claimed by xbarelyxalivex

Legolas of LOTR claimed by xxfadingxawayxx
lucentnightsong claimed by

Matt Lovato of Mest claimed by shopaholic14331
Marilyn Manson claimed by dark_vanity
Michael Ian Black claimed by blubunyhopp
Mike Piazza from the NY Mets claimed by punkpyroprncess


Orlando Bloom claimed by _starkissed_
Orlando Bloom's navel claimed by kiiss

Paul Walker's tummy claimed bykiiss
Pierre Bouvier's hair claimed by boundandbroken
Pierre Bouvier's Role Model 9 shirt claimed by boundandbroken

Quina from Final Fantasy 9 claimed by anime_king

Raine Maida of Our Lady Peace claimed by hockey_girl
Ramen Noodles claimed by _tearstain

Shannen Doherty claimed by amythestrose
Sarah Michelle Gellar's smiLe claimed by heytherejimmy
Samara Morgan from The Ring claimed by catgirlsamara
Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols claimed by sooverrated
Simon Cowell claimed by anti_verb
Simple Plan claimed by xbustedfreakx
"Soco Amaretto Lime" by Brand New claimed by little_bella
Something Corporate claimed by poetic_tragedyx

The Early November claimed by ever__so_sweet
"The Long Hard Road Outta Hell" by Marilyn Manson claimed by suicidesnoman
Toe socks claimed by xxfadingxawayxx
Tom Felton claimed by unforsakentears
the word "Turd Burgler" claimed by dark_vanity

Vash The Stampede claimed by fex
Viggo Mortensen's scar on his upper lip claimed by subculturalgirl



You Always Say Goodnight by the Juliana Theory claimed by poetic_tragedyx